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Zoo Performance


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Wastegates function as a valve that controls the flow of exhaust gas to the Turbocharger. Therefore they are able to control & regulate the boost pressure from your turbocharger to your engine. 

Our Zoo Performance Wastegates bring a tough modern look for your engine bay.
They are manufactured from high quality hard anodised billet Aluminium with a cast Aluminium body. They are available in 44mm, 50mm & 60mm options.

Our external wastegate also includes all required stainless steel hardware for installation such as valve seat, inlet and outlet V-Band Clamp/flange.

  • 44mm Wastegate includes a 5.5PSI & 6.1PSI Springs
  • 50mm Wastegate includes a 6.2PSI & 4.6PSI Springs  
  • 60mm Wastegate includes a 6.2PSI & 4.6PSI Springs  

Optional extra springs:
4.1PSI, 6.5PSI.