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ZOO Performance


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ZOO PERFORMANCE Turbo Beanies or Turbo Blankets, are constructed using a high temperature pure carbon fibre & titanium material combined with a silica insulation matting under a tight weaved outer layer and a stainless steel reinforced cage. This premium technology is heat rated to 1270 °C both internally and externally. Our new double wall design is created to reduce as much heat as possible from your engine bay and surrounding components.

Turbo beanies are used to separate the turbine housing from the core.  This allows the core to work with less heat strain,  resulting in less of a chance of failing.  The heat energy stays stored within the gas, hotter gases accelerate far better than cooler gases, so reducing the overall effect that it would have on the turbo's lifespan. 

Each Turbo Beanie comes with stainless steel anchoring hooks incorporated into the sheild, as well as spring clips for securing.  

T28, T3, T4, T6

Carbon Fibre, Titanium