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The Manta exhaust for the FJ75 Landcruiser ute and troop carrier is a big improvement on the factory version. Consisting of a set of high-flow extractors, together with an “extractors back” 2.5″ mandrel-bent exhaust system, the full kit helps the engine breathe a lot better.
\nThe result is that it revs freer, develops more power, and has more torque low down in the rev range. The 2.5″ pipe size is the perfect size for the 4.0L 3F motor, as using any larger pipe size usually results in a loss of low-down torque.
\nIf you’re just looking for a better engine note, the “extractors back” portion of the exhaust can also be bolted up to the standard exhaust system, at the joint just after the driver’s door (leaving the standard manifold and engine pipe in place).
\nThe whole Manta kit is easy to fit, using all the same mounts as the factory system, and is thus a long-lasting, high performing alternative to the restrictive factory exhaust system. Available in stainless steel, with a 10-year warranty, there is every chance the Manta exhaust system will last the life of your Landcruiser!