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A common upgrade to the 2.8L GU Patrol is the fitment of a Manta 3″ exhaust system. The 2.8L turbo diesel 6 cylinder motor in the GU Patrol, carried over from the previous GQ model, was available briefly until the 3.0L turbo diesel model was released.
\nA smaller version of the 4.2L TD42 motor, the standard power outputs of the 2.8L turbo were 95kw and 252nm – around the same as that of the naturally aspirated 4.2L. Many 2.8L owners have puzzled over how to get more power from their motor. The easiest and most effective way is the upgrade the exhaust system to a 3″ version, which offers vastly increased flow when compared to the standard version.
\nThis has a number of benefits, including increased power and torque, less turbo lag, and far more responsiveness low-down in the rev range. Fuel economy generally improves as well, as the engine is able to operate cooler, and more efficiently.
\nThe exhaust is a stand-alone modification that can be fitted to a completely stock vehicle. Give your 2.8L Patrol the new lease of life it deserves by fitting a Manta exhaust!