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A very common upgrade for any 4.2L GQ Patrol owner, is the fitment of a 2.5″ Manta exhaust system. The 4.2L naturally aspirated diesel and petrol motors in the GQ Patrol were introduced in 1988, and went on to forge a reputation as reliable performers. Both inline 6 cylinder motors, they share a number of similarities – not least the fact that they have the same exhaust system.
\nBoth motors, though very reliable, did not have a large amount of power and torque, therefore many owners look for ways to improve the performance and economy of their vehicle. An easy way to do this, is to fit a Manta 2.5″ exhaust.
\nThis mandrel bent, high flow system replaces the entire standard exhaust system (a high flow extractor replaces the standard cast manifold) to give you better sound, and much more flow. This leads to increased performance, as the engine is able to operate much more efficiently.
\nThe exhaust is also available as an “extractors back” system, replacing the last two parts of the factory exhaust for those just chasing an improved engine sound.