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ANTZ Performance

Navara D40 Turbo Hot Side Pipe Hose Clamp Both Ends Style – 2007-2011

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You are purchasing a Nissan Navara / Pathfinder D40 2007-2011+ Hose Clamp Style.

Made from quality aluminium bent piping, this replaces the infamous silicon hose that expands under boost and looses boost pressure. It connects from the primary intercooler inlet pipe to the turbocharger compressing housing,


– Prevents any expanding of pipe under boost or high rpm levels.✔️

– Enhances throttle response✔️

– Enhances turbo spool✔️

– Enhances induction noise✔️

– Neat and factory OEM look with powder-coated black pipe✔️

Easy installation:

Replace 4 clamps with a flat head screw driver.

Please note that this part does not suit Spain model.


Replaces this pipe.