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Mirror Set G42-1200HP Series 73mm Turbo

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Our G42 series Mirror set turbos are manufactured specifically with a combination of the highest quality components and exquisite design with no expense spared! The dual ceramic ball bearing design provides an optimal turbo response and prolongs the lifespan of your turbo.

Our G42 mirror set turbos are fitted with a 10-blade aluminium compressor wheel with an aerodynamic tapered tip. The aluminium compressor housing is also fitted with a sensor port. Our compressor wheels are designed with the latest technology maximizing horsepower and boost response and have temperature ratings of up to 200°C. The compressor housings are also fitted with a speed sensor port as well as an anti-surge compressor wheel inlet to increase surge resistance and provides reliable, continuous power.

The turbine wheel is manufactured from Inconel which is a high quality super alloy and does a fantastic job at maintaining strength at high operating temperatures of up to 900°C. Our turbine housings are made from a high grade cast iron providing ultimate durability in these high performance applications.  

Turbine housing options include V-band inlet and T4 inlet single scroll. Each and every turbo are supplied with all the required parts such as stainless steel polished v-band clamps, flanges, water fittings, turbo drain gasket and NPT 1/4" to -4AN turbo oil feed fitting with 1.6mm restrictor hole.

G42-1200 Specifications:

- 475-1200HP Rating   / 2.0L - 7.0L Displacement
- Dual Ball Bearing
- Ported shroud compressor cover
- Speed sensor port included in compressor cover.
- Inlet Options:   

  • 1.01 A/R with V-Band Inlet
  • 1.15 A/R with V-Band Inlet
  • 1.28 A/R with V-Band Inlet
  • 1.15 A/R with T4 Inlet
  • 1.25 A/R with T4 Inlet

- Compressor Specifications:

  • 73mm Compressor Inducer wheel
  • 91mm Compressor Exducer wheel
  • 0.85 A/R

- Turbine Specifications:

  • 82mm Turbine Inducer wheel
  • 75mm Turbine Exducer wheel