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Mercedes Benz CLA45 A45 Stage 2+ Kit (Downpipe & Intake Combo) suits C117 W176 AMG 2013-2018

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Looking to get the best bang for buck power out of your CLA or A45 AMG? Look no further!

We have put together a package to get the most performance out of your A45 CLA45 AMG with the standard turbocharger.

Removing the two most restrictive parts of the car, this stage 2 package provides a high quality performance solution for your AMG.

Unleash the true power within your AMG – Real world data results have shown an average increase of 50kw at the wheels when combined with a tune(see photos)

This is a must for anyone looking at tuning their vehicle to a Stage 2.

Our downpipes are made from 1.6mm thick stainless steel piping, greatly reducing the risks of cracking, rasp and vibration.

Beware of inferior downpipes on the market made of thin pipe.

Fantastic brushed finish appearance.

Stage 2 ECU flashing is required or a CELL code will appear.


  • 3.5″ Decat ‘Race’ Stainless Steel Downpipe
  • 3″ stainless steel midpipe.
  • 4′ Billet CNC machined air intake kit.


2013-2018 Mercedes Benz AMG A45 W176 (M133.980 2.0L)

2013-2019 Mercedez Benz AMG CLA45 C117/X117 (M133.980 2.0L)

2014-2019 Mercedez Benz AMG GLA45 X156 (M133.980 2.0L)