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1HZ 80+105 TURBO KIT

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962 Industries 1HZ turbo kit! \n \nBringing 3 of Australias best companies together to bring you the Ultimate Landcruiser 1HZ Turbo Kit. \n \nGturbo Grunter Extreme Turbo Kit \n \nPDI Front Mount Intercooler \n \n3" Manta Performance Exhaust - Available in Straight Through/Hot Dog or With a Mufller \n \nOur kit is also available to be separated Depending on your needs! \n \nHD-G300 Vortex Greens enhance low down response + the ability to carry the boost efficiently throughout the rev range. Its design boost is 22psi and can be operated efficiently from 14 – 28psi. Fitting a boost controller and boost gauge will allow you to increase boost over the preset 18 – 22psi. Free 1 Year Warranty included \n \n  \n \nKit Includes: \n \nGTurbo Gtrunter Extreme, Front Manifold Piece, Turbo Gaskets, Oil Line Feed + Return, New Stuts + Nuts, Intake Piping. \nPDI Intercooler Kit (645x240x65)  Includes All Necessary Parts For Fitment \nComplete 3" Manta Exhaust, Available in Straight Through/Hot Dog or With a Mufller \n \nPlease note*  This Kit Does Not Include The Manifold Gaskets/Sealing Rings. \nThese Are Available For $200.